More About Me

Real Estate Broker

My entire work life has been teaching. I started out of college as a 6th-grade teacher in the Renton School District and while doing that, worked nights as personal trainer and fitness instructor.  I also did a 2-year stint at Microsoft as an administrative assistant. All of my jobs have led me to find that real estate is a great career: I teach, I am organized, and I get to have fun with my clients.

Now as a real estate broker, I am using my teaching skills to inform my clients the statistics in the market, how to write the best offer, and what the best negotiating tactics are. I listen to my clients so that I can find them the best house or so I know what they need when they are getting ready to sell: do they need to redo the kitchen, the yard, paint the house, etc?

Being organized is extremely important because contracts have critical dates that need to be adhered to or problems could arise.  Also, making sure that my clients are protected with how the contract is written is key.

Lastly, my clients and I have a good time when we are looking for homes as well as when we are getting them ready to sell.  We spend a lot of time together so we get to know each other pretty well and do a lot of laughing during the process.