Uncategorized Real Estate Brokers Have Children to Feed Too ~~“I don’t really need an agent to buy this house, do I?”  This is what I heard a lady say to the Buyer’s Broker in a new construction model home.  I was waiting for my client to arrive while I watched this interaction.  Actually, I didn’t so much as watch as covertly listen while pretending […]
Uncategorized Working Together ~~ I tend to be a loner.  People can’t believe it when I tell them since I am outgoing and comfortable with people, but I like to spend time by myself a lot.  If I have the choice of meeting someone for a drink or walking my dogs, I will choose the walk.  That may be […]
Uncategorized The Truth About the VA Loan ~~This was written by my friend and colleague, Steve Harwood: The Truth About the VA Loan   January 26, 2015  ~   As a former United States Marine and a Veteran of Foreign Wars, I have a passion for working with US Military Veterans. When I began my real estate career in April 2013, I […]
Uncategorized Interior Designer to the Rescue ~~ Read my previous blog, Decorating with Years of Old Furniture first to understand this one:(http://www.anniehyatt.com/2014/11/18/decorating-with-years-of-old-furniture/) So much to think about and so much to do.  My interior designer, Clarity MacNichols (https://www.facebook.com/DesignClarityInteriors?pnref=lhc), showed up early and ready to rock.  Did you see how I said MY interior designer?  I like to think I have staff. I showed […]
Uncategorized Decorating with Years of Old Furniture ~~In my last post, House Blessings (http://www.anniehyatt.com/2014/11/10/house-blessings/), I mentioned I have lived in 9 houses.  Five of those homes have been with my hot-rockin’ husband of 20 years.  In the early years of our marriage we had a lot of love but not a lot of moola.  I was a school teacher and he was […]
Uncategorized House Blessings ~~I had such an enjoyable experience today that was new for me: a house blessing.  I was helping a colleague by letting her Buyer-clients into the house before closing so that their visiting parents could do a blessing on the home.  A candle was put on a plate with some mini-chocolates and rotated in the […]
Uncategorized Open House SNAFU I just wanted to be self-deprecating in this post.  I had an open house today.  It's a weird Seattle-weather day.  It is warm, about 80 degrees and sunny as I write this, but throughout the day it has also been thundering and pouring rain at times.  Warm and pouring rain is not usually the MO […]
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