Uncategorized November 11, 2017

City Living or Suburb Living? Yes to both!

As I write this I am preparing a townhome listing in the city. I rarely work in this area, but when I do, I love it! I am born and raised a suburb girl and still live in the suburbs, and that is where I am supposed to be, but when I come downtown, there is an energy that makes me smile.

I can walk down the streets among the throng of hustling people going to work or in for a day of shopping, and everything is so close.  No need for cars.  Public transportation is available, rent-a-bikes are haphazardly parked on every block, and walking, walking, walking. Oh how I love myself a good hill in Seattle.  My previous life as a fitness professional kicks in and I may compete with the guy in front of me to see who gets to the top of the hill first.

The funkiest personalities are downtown in every coffee shop, along the sidewalks as they display their artistries, their clothes, their piercings.  It feels exciting and fun and modern.  It is not surprising the open house for the listing was very busy with people in their 20’s and 30’s, some with young families.  Their excitement about this urban space is contagious and I consider moving to the city someday too.

Then I drive 30 minutes away to my neighborhood that is filled with large yards and SUVs.  There is a slower pace and a cozier feeling here.  I know most of the neighbors within 5 houses on either side and across the street.  I know I can count on them for paper plates or some sugar when I run out.  They are aware of strange cars in my driveway and text me when they know I am gone to let me know. The kids run amok in the middle of the street and through people’s yards on sunny days.  I can go on walks with my dogs and not see one person in the middle of the day and it can be so quiet and relaxing.

In my hood, we have to drive everywhere- we are walking distance only to the local school; but in the city there little quiet.  Depending on what is important to you, both housing styles are great places to live your life.