Uncategorized January 3, 2016

2016 is Going to Rock!

I have already decided 2016 is going to rock, so it will.  January 1, 2016 started out  with my dog barking from another bedroom to be let outside.  The habitant of that bedroom she claims she never heard said dog barking for a full minute before I got up and let him out.  Seems a bit fishy, but I was not upset by this diversion from my warm bed because morning is my best time of the day.  The morning was chilly as I let both my dogs out but I bundled up and followed them out so I could make sure neither ran off.  We were at our cabin on a lake and going out allowed me to enjoy the early morning excitement: ducks and otters swimming by near the dock I was standing on, the sun kissing the tops of the tall trees on the other side of the lake, my pups chasing each other on the beach, the glassy water with barely a ripple. 

I got about 30 minutes of delicious solitude with my cup of coffee (swearing to myself that the croissants in the oven will be the last indulgence of this holiday) before I hear the stirrings of visiting friends, hot hubby, and kids.  THIS is why I do the job I love to do, so I can have these get-aways with my family and friends.  The night before while we waited for the last fifteen minutes of 2015 to come to a close, we all sat on the dock in chairs, wrapped in blankets, looking at the amazing display of stars that we can't see at home.  Shooting stars! Is that a UFO? That plane isn't moving, is it really a star? My career allows me to have these special moments with my loved ones and I am so grateful I have a job that I love.

 January 2, 2016 was the day to hold myself to that "last indulgence" promise since I was realizing that my dryer really didn't shrink ALL of my jeans; so, hot hubby and I began our trek back to eating normality with a green smoothie instead of the egg-nog latte that had become a morning staple the last two months.  This was the first step to Operation 2016 Rocks and I know we will continue to make more great choices to be successful!

Happy New Year, folks!