Uncategorized November 7, 2015

I Love the Neighbor’s House

~~When I was searching for the house I live in now, I really wanted a big yard.  My hubby wanted a small yard and big house.  I barely cared about the house, it was the yard I focused on.  We had lived in the Seattle area before and had big yards with all our houses, then we moved back to California where we are from and lived for three years with a very small yard.  Hubby loved it!  Even though I grew up with a small yard, I missed the space between houses.
We finally found a home we could remodel with a one acre parcel.  I will admit that the yard can be a pain in the rear at this size, but it is so fun for the kids in the summer as they run through everyone’s yards and down to the creek to play.  But the yard is not why I love this house, it’s the next door neighbors. 
Three weeks, or so, after we moved in, a family moved into the house next door.  They became our best friends with kids the same age as ours and we all enjoy laughing at stupid things.  Three years later they moved to Ohio (?!!) but have continued to be our closest peeps. 
The family who moved in afterward also had kids close in age to ours and the girls became very close to them.  A divorce caused the kids to move to Italy with their mom but they visit every summer and we love them dearly. 
The father kept the house and is now renting to a family with six kids!  We have become very close to this family as well and love having all of that energy next door to us.  That house has given us so much joy, love, and laughter and it’s not even ours!  That house is the reason I have no desire to move and will probably remodel next year instead of looking for a house that fits our current wants. 
Good neighbors are so important that I wish we could hang out with the people interested in moving into the neighborhood to see if they are a good fit or not. Obviously that’s not going to happen so I guess we all should hope to have a next door neighbor house like I have next door!