Uncategorized July 21, 2015

I Love My Fence

~~They say fences make good neighbors, but in my neighborhood, few people have fences and we love it.  In the Summer, my girls and their friends run between yards through the back areas because it’s faster to get to each other’s houses.  What we do have is a lot of foliage that act like separations between houses, which is great for privacy and beauty, but it is not a good deterrent for my free-spirited dog.
Logan is my sixth dog.  Before Logan I was a stellar dog owner.  My dogs didn’t go anywhere and walked or ran on a leash beautifully.  Well, if I am to be truly honest with myself, my first dog, Fogarty, was a bit of a pill, but I was in denial at 20 years old.
Back to Logan… he has a mind of his own.  When we got him at PAWS three years ago at two years old, his running away was funny and we figured he just didn’t know us yet.  He has gotten better about coming back more quickly over the years, but he cannot shake the need to explore the forest behind our home.  Sometimes we can hear him barking frantically and we assume he has seen a deer or possibly our neighborhood bear.  Twice he has returned with a happy prance bearing deer antlers in his mouth. 
At Christmas, I received a Go Pro-like camera.  I wanted it so I could see where he actually went every day.  The video is a fascinating look into his adventures.  Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates his daily jaunts beyond our yard.  He’s a big, black dog with a deep bark and I wouldn’t want to see him coming toward me if I didn’t know him.
Consequently, I have been wanting a fence for a long time, but do you know how much they cost?  And I have a very a large yard.  So we waited until I finally got fed up trying to keep my eye on him (he had a bit of a scuffle with another dog).  By the way, we have tried every training technique in the book including the electric, underground fence, every contraption at PetCo, and three trainers.
Now we have a black vinyl, chain link fence (chain link?!!) that disappears into the foliage and you barely notice it’s there.  I LOVE it, Logan not so much.  He seems so bummed, but I am much more relaxed when I let him out.  Many friends have supported Logan’s gypsy lifestyle and even I love that he comes back from his adventures looking so happy, but I am less stressed now. Sorry sucker, I’m the boss.
In my neighborhood, fences don’t necessarily make better neighbors, but they make my life much more relaxed.  And if I ever want to sell my house, people usually appreciate fenced yards so it's a good thing in the long run as well.