Buying a house April 4, 2015

Dear Future Seattle Homeowners

~~Dear Seattle Buyer,
Thank you for choosing me to help you find a home, but I would like to apologize for a few things in advance.
1. I am sorry that you have to pay so much this year for a house that was 24% cheaper three years ago.
2. I am sorry that we don’t have many great homes to choose from.  Actually, let me edit that to I am sorry we don’t have many homes to choose from, great or crummy.
3. I am sorry that international buyers are coming in with their cash causing you to lose the last three homes you have offered on.  And they’re not even going to live in the house, it’s just an investment property to them.
4. I am sorry it has been 6 months since we started looking instead of the 2 months you were hoping for.
5. I am sorry that you have to decide to waive protective contingencies in order to be a contender in the multiple-offer scenarios that we always are in.
6. I am sorry that only one person has called me for the letter I sent out to the 100 houses in your favorite neighborhood, but at least we got that one call and there is a possibility it could work out.
There are also some things I am thankful for:
1. Because it has taken so long to look for a house, I have been lucky to get to know you and your family so well.  A friend once told me that strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.  I have become good friends with most of my clients and I am grateful for every one of them.
2. Thank you for having trust in me when I am giving you advice.
3. Thank you for the laughs.
4. Thank you for the referrals.
5. Thank you for being loyal.
I look forward to many years of working with you and being a part of your lives.