Uncategorized February 18, 2015

Working Together

~~ I tend to be a loner.  People can’t believe it when I tell them since I am outgoing and comfortable with people, but I like to spend time by myself a lot.  If I have the choice of meeting someone for a drink or walking my dogs, I will choose the walk.  That may be also because I would rather move than sit, but I would also rather read or organize the house or fold laundry.  So working on my own in my business is a perfect fit for me. 
 However, recently, I have partnered with a friend in real estate.  Rayme has just earned her real estate broker’s license, asked me to help her get started, and has come to work in my office.  We have set up a situation where I mentor her through the first few transactions and this girl is on fire!  She goes out and knocks on people’s doors asking if they want to sell because she has buyers for the neighborhood.  She hand delivers offers to owners even when they didn’t know they wanted to sell.  She is, for lack of a better word, ballsy when it comes to making a deal happen and I am actually learning from her in this aspect of the business. 
 I am finding through Rayme that while I am great at many things in my business and am happily successful, there are other ways to go about it that can make a positive impact on my business. Because she is just getting started, I have to remember the processes to help her get organized which, in turn, makes me reevaluate my processes.  When I help her determine the best path to take in a negotiation, her enthusiasm for her clients gets me excited, and that is so important for me right now since four transactions have recently fallen apart.
 Having someone to call about a situation and to know that she has my back has made working with Rayme a joy.  She is fun and caring and that makes it worth getting outside my comfort zone and working with another person.  In many of my previous jobs, I was a teacher in some sort of capacity: school teacher, fitness professional, mom.  I have enjoyed teaching Rayme the things I know about real estate, and that bleeds right into why I like doing real estate:  I like teaching people about the market and educating clients about their options when buying and selling a home.
 My goal for this year is to break out of my loner tendencies and I know with Rayme around, it will be easier to do.  You will always find me running my dogs and reading books by myself, but you may even see me out having a drink with a client.  It’s going to be a great year.  Thanks Rayme.