Selling Houses December 11, 2014

Please Sell Your Home During the Holidays!

Is December a good time to list your house?  Heck yes!  I currently have five active buyers who want to buy yesterday and people aren’t listing their homes. Here, in the Seattle area, we have been having a shortage of listings for a few years now which have made it a Seller’s market.  Great for Sellers!  So why aren’t you people listing your homes if it is such a Seller’s market?  I am hearing because people don’t think it’s a good time of year to list.  Let me tell you why it is:

  1.  My buyers are very serious buyers to be looking during the holidays.  They are not just browsing, they are ready to buy!
  2. Because of the lack of inventory (even more so at this time of year), Sellers will have less competition and therefore more likely to sell fast with possible multiple offers.
  3. January starts the new season of shopping for homes for many buyers and, therefore, people have been waiting to list their home until after the holidays.  That means more competition for the Seller.
  4. A lot of people will decorate their home for the holidays which will show well. A decorated home is beautiful.
  5. Buyers will see your decorated home and get emotional about what the holidays could be like for them next year.
  6. Buyers have more time to shop for houses as businesses slow down a bit while people go on vacation.
  7. Tax break for this year!
  8. January is a popular month to start a new job.  People transferring from out of town don’t have time to wait to buy a house before the job begins.
  9. Sellers can be non-contingent Buyers for the Spring if they sell now.

Help me out, folks, and sell your home.  My Buyers are ready!