Uncategorized November 18, 2014

Decorating with Years of Old Furniture

~~In my last post, House Blessings (http://www.anniehyatt.com/2014/11/10/house-blessings/), I mentioned I have lived in 9 houses.  Five of those homes have been with my hot-rockin’ husband of 20 years.  In the early years of our marriage we had a lot of love but not a lot of moola.  I was a school teacher and he was finishing his college education and working part-time. 
Our first house was filled with hand-me-down couches and garage sale finds.  The next house was a tad bit bigger so we were able to steal more furniture from our parents’ house to fill it.  House #3 was a big deal because it actually had a dishwasher and it was the first home purchase for us.  IKEA was where we went on dates and found inexpensive furniture to replace a few items we had outgrown.  Out of state was the destination for our fourth house and it was by far the largest home of all.  We lived there three years and never did fill up the formal dining and living areas, and we acquired furniture that wore well to replace things like sharp-cornered coffee tables now that we had two toddlers.
We are now in a home that has lasted nine years, three times longer than any of the other four.  We remodeled within the first year and love our house.  Once again, we acquired furniture to fit some areas of this house while holding on to a lot of the old stuff.  The house is comfortable, but there is no flow to the place.  The furniture doesn’t really match or fit some rooms.  My daughter’s double bed is too small for our best friends (who, I believe as a vertically challenged person, are freakishly tall) so we bought a queen sized sofa bed for when they come to visit.  It’s nice, but there is a very large green sofa in that room too that was awesome in the 90’s, not so much now. 
What do you do with a house full of hodge podge stuff?  I don’t freaking know!  My talents are organization, humor, and eating chocolate chips, not interior decorating.  I like a picture in a magazine and then go to a store and I can’t choose one thing to put on the walls.  Currently, the only non-family pictures we have on the wall I got from my grandma 17 years ago! 
Knowing my decorating deficits, I took an important step on Saturday night to make my house fit together… I bought 5 hours of interior decorating consulting at an auction.  She is coming on Thursday and I am so excited about it!  My expectations are not crazy, I just want her to walk in and make a miracle happen using the furniture I currently own so that I don’t have to buy new things because I am notoriously cheap. 
Will she tell me the grandma pictures are actually retro-cool and leave them where they are?  Is the green couch perfect for another room?  I can’t wait to find out and I will post about it next week so stay tuned…