Uncategorized November 10, 2014

House Blessings

~~I had such an enjoyable experience today that was new for me: a house blessing.  I was helping a colleague by letting her Buyer-clients into the house before closing so that their visiting parents could do a blessing on the home.  A candle was put on a plate with some mini-chocolates and rotated in the air by each person while the mother said a prayer quietly.  I was pleased when they invited me to do the candle rotations, too, even though I had just met these people.  At the end, everyone ate a “sweet” (the mini-chocolates) which they explained was part of the ritual ending.  They being of Indian descent, they also touched the parents’ feet as show of respect, and then continued to feed each other the sweets.  It was nice.
I loved the idea of blessing a house and making sure only good energy is in the home.  I looked up on Bing other house blessing rituals and I found them for Catholics, Protestants, and even Wiccans.  It makes sense if you believe the saying, “Home is where the heart is.”  Having a pure or happy heart makes for a happier person.  Shouldn’t that be true of where you spend a large chunk of your time- your home?
I have lived in 9 houses in my 45 years (not counting apartments and dorms) and I haven’t ever done a blessing ritual for any of them.  Well, I should say I haven’t done anything official with specific prayers.  The house I currently live in was owned by an older couple who had raised their family there for 19 years.  Two years before we bought the house, the husband had a heart attack at the gas station down the road and died.  The wife continued to live in the home until we bought it.  She was a lovely lady and I never felt any negative energy in the home, but the first day I was in the house after closing, I was upstairs walking around and I felt I had to say a little prayer of thanks to the husband for allowing us into his home.  I promised we would take care of the house and love it like he and his family did.  It took me about one minute to say the words, and I felt better for them. 
Nine years later, I have kept that promise and we work hard to keep the home beautiful and loved.  My oldest daughter loves it so much that any mention of moving closer to school, work, or family will have her eyes bulging and head shaking while vehemently stating, “I am NEVER leaving my blue house!”
I think I am going to add this to my own private rituals when I help with a home sale. I will quietly say a little prayer to the energies of the home to welcome the new family with open doors. Everyone deserves to live in a peaceful, happy home.