Uncategorized August 2, 2014

Open House SNAFU

I just wanted to be self-deprecating in this post.  I had an open house today.  It's a weird Seattle-weather day.  It is warm, about 80 degrees and sunny as I write this, but throughout the day it has also been thundering and pouring rain at times.  Warm and pouring rain is not usually the MO for Seattle weather, so I wasn't prepared.

I drove to the open house with the top down on my husband's convertible Mustang. (What a fun car. I seriously do not drive as fast in my Escape!) I walked into the house and it was sunny. I was setting things up when it suddenly started to POUR ginormous drops of rain.  I ran outside to put the top up as fast as I could and the front door closed behind me and locked.  The house keys are sitting on the counter in the kitchen! 

Luckily I had opened the back door to the backyard so that some air could come in so I knew I had a place to get in.  I walked to the side gate and it was locked.  I am not used to gates.  My yard is wide open with no fences at all.  I am wearing a pretty dress and now I am soaked staring at the fence contemplating how to get in the backyard.  I do the only thing I can: climb on top of the garbage can, hoist myself over the fence (Dukes of Hazard style) and jump to the ground.  I'm in!  When it comes to open houses, don't mess with me!

Note to self: take the key wherever you go.