Buying a house July 25, 2014

Look Beyond the Motif

~~My own personal style when it comes to clothes, music, cars, and home décor leans toward simple lines and classic styles.  The Audrey Hepburn sheath dress, songs from the 70’s/80’s, the Ford Mustang, a retro-style home are all things that I enjoy.  So, when I walk into a home that is decorated as if on the set of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I am fascinated.  It is a style I do not understand and I think it is because, as I said, I like things simple and ornate, large décor is never simple. 
Today I showed a condominium with grandiose fixtures and furniture that conflicts with my own style, and as it happens, my client’s as well.  The 1013 square foot condo was filled with overstuffed, ornate furniture which made the room feel smaller than it was.  The small kitchen had a large chandelier dripping with plastic jewels, and every room was decorated with large, colorful (often gold-leaf) accessories. My first thought was, “Holy cow!”
When a home’s décor conflicts with the style of the client it can be a deal-killer and I need to help them see beyond the Corinthian pillars in the kitchen (or help them to see the pillars as the case may be).  First off, paint.  Paint is cheap and can transform a room instantly.  Secondly, furniture obviously changes the look of a room and the client will be bringing their own furniture.  Also, changing out fixtures is easy to do and the chandelier or wall sconces you removed can be sold on Craigslist pretty easily.  Someone else out there has that same style, if you can imagine.
My clients would like their son to see the condo when he returns from out of town on Monday.  I am already armed with suggestions to help him see past the King Henry the VIII bedroom set since I know he is a young, hip guy-about-town. 
So, when looking at a home, attempt to see past what is in front of you if it is undesirable.  Can you see a different paint color?  Can you see how your furniture would be set up?  Can you see your mementos displayed throughout the home?  Maybe not at first, but I will definitely help you try. 
And when you are ready to make your move I will help you carry the paint over to your new home in my convertible Mustang with Journey blaring out of the speakers, my classic pony tail whipping in the wind.