Selling Houses July 19, 2014

The Secret to Selling Houses

~~I have found the secret to selling houses. This is going to blow my business out of the water! Is it pricing it perfectly?  Beautiful staging?  Marketing? No, no, and no. Here it is: it’s going on vacation.
Yep, that’s the secret.  Who knew?  Well, apparently I do.  Recently, I had clients get an offer on the day they flew out to some tropical locale, and the other day I checked my phone as my family and I taxied to the gate at the Maui airport (another tropical locale… Oh! That may be part of the secret too!) and there was an offer for one of my listings.
Maybe that should be part of my marketing costs.  Forget the flyers, “Here’s two tickets to the Bahamas, folks!”  Or, more selfishly, I’ll list it and take off for Mexico where I can practice my twelve words of Spanish. How do you say SOLD! In Spanish? Vendido!
Is this the universe’s weird way of saying, “Slow down, relax, enjoy life,”? Well that doesn’t really make sense since I have to work while on vacation.  However, working on vacation while gazing at the ocean and hearing the pounding waves certainly is more enjoyable than being in an enclosed office (while the Seattle rain pounds away outside).
I did not grow up going on vacations very often, but the few that we did take are the happiest memories of my childhood.  I remember going to Santa Cruz and being out of my mind over the bunk beds, the piano, and the 134 stairs down to the beach from the tiny beach house my parent’s rented.
My family, which includes my hubby and two kids, do not vacation very often either.  We happen to be in Maui for a wedding and probably would not have come here if not for our cousin’s big day.  I am thinking, though, that this is going to have to change if I want my business to be successful.  I have a listing coming up soon.  Where should I go next?  Shall I risk a non-tropical vacay and go visit my brother and best friend in Ohio?  Maybe Disneyland.  Either way I am sure it will lead to Vendido!