Seattle Area Homes July 18, 2014

Bothell Retro Home

~~Recently, a client of mine, let’s call him Barry, bought a 1956 house near downtown Bothell.  I have been in many homes at different price points, and this modest home is one of my favorites. The home is a single story with a daylight basement.  The first floor has a couple of bedrooms, one bathroom, a living/dining room and an alley kitchen with an eating nook. When I walked in, the house made me smile.  I love the way so many of the older homes have built-ins in the hallway or bedrooms (or under the stairs, or in that weird nook in the corner, or under the dormer).  I thought and probably said, “Look at all this free storage!”  
The kitchen cabinets reminded me of the ones in my parents’ house where they have lived for 50 years.  My mom has never replaced the cabinets because they are solid wood, well made, and the simplistic style allows it to work with any decorating ideas; although if they were to sell their home, many people would consider the kitchen dated.  She did renovate the rest of the entire house so the velvet wallpaper, built-in indoor brick barbecue, and olive green colors are gone, but the kitchen cabinets still look great!
Anyway, after touring the well-maintained Bothell home with Barry, I secretly hoped he would offer on this house.  As a real estate broker I need to run the process by answering questions and guiding my clients to make informed decisions, so I cannot just say, “This is the one, folks, I can feel it!”  Yet, he felt it, too, and he immediately made a full-price offer.
Barry is excited about his purchase and is ready to be able to walk to cute downtown Bothell every day, and I am a bit envious that he gets to live in this house with the retro feel: he gets all that free storage!